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About World Academic

We have been shaping the academic roadmap since our early days and we have no intention of slowing down now. We’re dreamers, we’re builders and engineers. At WAO, we span the globe in pursuit of academic innovative ideas and yield to nothing in the pursuit of excellence.

Our services area is aimed at fostering the success of its students through the introduction of innovation along the whole academic chain, Given our knowledge of specific solutions and due to our consolidated experience, WAO addresses the main core issues of the various academic sectors.
WAO services include consulting, registration, academic studies in a none academic environment. We work with students from a diverse range of cultural, political, social and religious backgrounds working towards these mission goals.

This is what we do

In short, we find a top rated University for students who want to get an Acadmic Degree.

During this technological revolution in which we live in, while half of our lives are conducted on a mobile phone and all of us have already had an online conversation with our friends, as if he is right next to us. we bring you the most advanced studying methods in the digital world. No more will you need to change your place of residence, or leave your workplace in order to benefit from recognized academic studies.


  • PhD
  • MBA
  • MA
  • BA


  • Top Rated institutes
  • Local Recognition
  • UNESCO Recognition
  • IAU Recogntion


Our sole aim is for you to get exactly what you asked us for by providing all the following tools.

  • 1Methodology of scientific research
  • 2Research design
  • 3Social Studying
  • 4Characteristics of the scientific approach
  • 5Time management in scientific writing

Joining The WAO Program

changing the academic world.

Elite Recognition

We take real pride with the fact that all of the universities we work with are ranked in the top decile of RWU, they are recognised by UNESCO and meet with the requirements of the Department for Evaluation of Foreign Academic Degrees, which is the official authority in the State of Israel.

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One of our documents showing recognition of the University of Murcia, spain

Strength in numbers

letting the numbers tell the story is the best way to understand exactly what it is that we are doing.

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The Numbers

  • The Universities we work with are the best in the world and are ranked in the top 5,000 out of 50,000
  • You can finish your studies and get your degree in just 3 years, while in Israel it will take you 5-7 years
  • In the state of Israel there are only around 4,000 professors, this fact makes it hard to find a tutor for your PhD and even more difficult to find one for a specific field of research
  • In Israel only 5% of Doctorants finish their studies and get their degree, WAO programme have a perfect record
  • In case you finished your masters without a thesis, you will have to study an extra 2 years in Israel, With WAO you can finish in 3 years total
  • World Academic programme can be up to 50% cheaper than studying in Israel

Ranking World Universities

# Name Position UNESCO Rank
1 TAU - Tel Aviv University 0-500 Yes 169
2 HUJI - Hebrew University of Jerusalem   Yes 195
3 Technion   Yes 281
4 Weizmann Institute of Science   Yes 301
5 BGU - Ben Gurion University of the Negev   Yes 450
6 BIU - Bar Ilan University 500-1000 Yes 543
7 University of Haifa   Yes 592
8 IDC - The Interdisciplinary Center 1000-2000 Yes 1683
9 Open University of Israel   Yes 1859
10 Ariel University 2000-4000 Yes 2058
11 HIT - Holon Institute of Technology   Yes 3111
12 Ruppin Academic Center   Yes 3408
13 JCT - Jerusalem College of Technology     3475
14 Beit-Berl Academic College 4000-8000 Yes 4019
15 Netanya Academic College   Yes 4246
16 Emek Yezreel College     4714
17 Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee     5137
18 College of Management Academic Studies   Yes 5751
19 Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem   Yes 5861
20 OAC - Ono Academic College   Yes 7224
21 ORT Braude College     7581
22 JCE - Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem   Yes 7586>
23 Afeka - Tel Aviv College of Engineering     7910
24 Hadassah College 8000-16000 Yes 8322
25 Galillee College     8738
26 Western Galilee College     9273
27 MLA -The Center for Academic Studies in Or Yehuda   Yes 11773
28 The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance   Yes 12912
29     Yes 14582
30 Jerusalem University College     14940
31 Peres Academic Center   Yes 15080

Below Minimum Rank

32 Hadassah Academic College   Yes  
33 David Yellin College of Education   Yes  
34 Nazereth      
35 The Kaye College of Education   Yes  
36 Shalem      
37 Achva    
38 JCT Lev Academic Center   Yes  
39 Kibbutzim College of Education   Yes  

Focus on target

Seeing you through! We will provide you with all of the necessary tools to deal with your upcoming academic tasks. Through all of your World Academic program we will encourage joint learning groups, so you can share ideas, share information, give comments and get insights.

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Opening Workshop

Workshop theme:

Choosing a topic for research. Methodology of scientific research, research design, research editing


The aim of the workshop is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject of scientific research methodology and to advise in selecting a topic for research. During the workshop, each student will present his/her research proposal, as we will learn the virtual library skills.

Expected results from the first workshop:

The workshop symbolizes the final stage of the registration process. The candidate for the program is familiar with the research writing process.

The workshop focuses on:

Research methodology, methodological approaches and their philosophical background, characteristics of the scientific approach, familiarity between students and potential facilitators and their areas of interest, questions and hypotheses Research, research, research and development, research methods, Literary review, skills related to digital and electronic library or databases.

Advanced teaching

During this technological revolution in which we live in, while half of our lives are conducted on a mobile phone and each of us has already had an online conversation with a friend, feeling like he is right next to us. we bring you the most advanced studying methods in the world and in the digital world in particular. No more will you need to change your place of residence, or leave your workplace.

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Education Forms

  • Distance education - Distance education or distance learning is the education of students who may not always be physically present at a University. Traditionally, this usually involved correspondence courses wherein the student corresponded with the University via post. Today it involves online education. Courses that are conducted (51 percent or more) are either hybrid, blended or 100% whole instruction. Massive open online courses (MOOCs), offering large-scale interactive participation and open access through the World Wide Web or other network technologies, are recent developments in distance education.
    click here for the wikipedia page
  • low-residency program - A low-residency program (or limited residency program or part time program) is a form of education, normally at the university level, which involves some amount of distance education and brief on-campus or specific-site residencies—residencies may be one weekend or several weeks.
    click here for the wikipedia page
  • Higher education Formal learning - Higher education, post-secondary education, or third level education is an optional final stage of formal learning that occurs after completion of secondary education. Often delivered at universities, academies, colleges, seminaries, conservatories, and institutes of technology, higher education is also available through certain college-level institutions, including vocational schools, trade schools, and other career colleges that award academic degrees or professional certifications.
    click here for the wikipedia page

Getting In The Programme

While we would like to help anyone get a higher education degree, we wouldn't want to waste anyone's time and money, that is why we conduct a series of steps a student needs to go through in order to get into World Academic programme, Get a degree from one of the top ranked Univesrsities in the world.

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registration process

As one of our most important goal is to find the best suited University for our students, And as we want our students to finish all of their acadamic tasks ahead, We conduct a registration process which includes all of the following steps.

  • First Interview - a conversation with one of representatives, checking you current status
  • Hamuvan Questionnaire - An academic tool to asses your mental status
  • Document and Work xperience - collecting all of the candidate relevant documents including his work experience history
  • Conduct an opening seminar - candidates participate in a seminar trying to get the basics of dealing with an english studies
  • Find an University that will accept the candidate to her course

*these are a general steps which could be different in each course/degree

Diamond in the raugh

World Academy has a clear social saying, Engaging with any minority ethnic communities, from all cultural, religious and geographical backgrounds, that are under-represented in higher education is a growing priority for the WAO. We are working to support and champion students from those communities, in particular those from a weak socio-economic background who have low rate of participation in the WAO program, to help support students - through a sustained programme of conferences, mentoring and scholarships- while encouraging them to apply to WAO.

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