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World Academic's Medical Doctor Program

Now that the company is growing and expanding its collaborations with Universities around the world, it was only natural we would start running the Medical Degree Program.

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Dreaming / thinking about a Doctor's Degree?

In a collaboration with the company's mentors we have prepared a short, 8 questions, basic knowledge test in order for you to find out whether you are ready for a Doctor's Degree.

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VIP Program all the way to a PhD

No matter how senior the position, no matter the age, the status, the religion or the culture, everyone needs a boost and encouragement on the way to a doctorate.

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How do you make the most of your time?

We have an opportunity to enroll students in late enrollment for this academic year.

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How to choose a thesis topic

Choosing a thesis topic is the most critical step in writing a dissertation. A doctorate is the product of purposeful and intensive research project spanning a number of years. You will read, analyse, critique, write and draw conclusions on relevant issues under this topic.

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The Best Gap Year Programs in 2018-2019

When it comes to choosing a gap year program, the options are infinite: you can choose a pre-made gap year program, combine short-term programs, or make your own custom experience at home or abroad (or both!). But if you’re looking for the best gap year programs, what should you consider?

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For most degree seeking students, studying abroad is a brief stint bookended by long years of more traditional studies. However, some students are kicking it up a notch. Instead of limiting their education abroad to four weeks or a single semester, more and more students are enrolling in full degree programs at foreign universities.

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