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How to choose a thesis topic

So how do you choose a topic for research?


Choosing a subject for a doctorate is the most critical step towards writing a dissertation. A doctorate is the product of an intensive research project spa

How do you choose a topic for research?

Choosing a research topic is the most critical step in writing a dissertation. A doctorate is the product of purposeful and intensive research project spanning a number of years. You will read, analyse, critique, write and draw conclusions on relevant issues under this topic. So, you must come to acceptance with the fact that, the chosen topic will serve as your temporary “world” during this period.

Your topic will be directly affected by the process you adopt in carrying out your research, its duration, and the continuation of your professional career. For some doctorate degree holders, this is a simple step (it comes with the decision to write a research paper) because, the topic is worked upon day and night. However, for most doctoral students, it is not simple because the possibilities are near endless and their research knowledge is limited.

For those whose research question is not yet clear, the experts at World Academy have written a few points that will greatly assist you in selecting a topic for your research.

Personal interest – as cited above, “When an artist paints for three days at a go without food, drink or sleep. Can it be said that such an artist worked hard?” From our experience, when the topic is interesting and exciting, all related tasks will be easier and your chances of completing your dissertation successfully will improve significantly.

Professional literature - research work will be based on previous researches, books, articles, journals etc. We recommend that you choose a topic only after you have checked that there are sufficient literatures on the topic and that they are accessible. Literature review occupies a large part of the research work; therefore, it is worth checking that there are enough literatures to review before choosing the topic.

Access to data or interrogees - As with the previous point, it is important to select a topic for which you, as the researcher, have access to the research population and/or research material underlying the research work, access to the subjects, legal documents, laboratories/materials etc.

Access to data is critical to your work and it will be difficult to investigate a particular topic without it. For example, supposing the desired topic of research is, “The effect of the abolition of mental health connections on the relationship between the therapist and the patient in the psychiatric ward”, the investigator must be familiar with the environment and must be able to find interrogees who will form the basis of his work. It is also important to note that in many cases, a physical approach to these topics is not sufficient and as such, requires the approval/consent of the care institution as well as other regulatory bodies.

Innovation - The academic world is a vast space of knowledge and unquenchable taste for learning. The process of amassing academic knowledge is an ancient process that has produced innumerable studies aimed at enriching and establishing new conclusions and insights. Theories are being formulated, modified, adapted along with new directions of scholastic inquiry, they continue to challenge and even contradict each other. So, we recommend that you start reading the latest articles in the field that you’re considering for your research topic. Once you have a solid overview and understanding of the field you’re interested in, then, you can be more specific in formulating the topic.

Personal growth – As a researcher, you should aspire to the fact that your research will propel you personally and career-wise. After completing your degree, you will be able to access any job, tender your qualification and proudly claim to be an authority in the topic that you have studied, and you can proffer progressive and practical solutions to problem in your area of specialization.

There are numerous questions on how to go about each process and the importance of each aforementioned point varies among individuals. So, to make it easier for you, Academic experts will provide you with constant support throughout the entire process of choosing your thesis topic, writing your dissertation and award of the doctorate degree. 

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