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Training complements: 

In the IDEP-Doctorate general website, in the Access section you can find information about the Training Complements , which the CAPD may require in the process of admission of students to the Doctoral Program, depending on the previous training of the same. . It will be the CAPD that decides, in each case, the training complements that the specific doctoral student must take.

Thesis - supervision and reading: 

The Doctorate studies, leading to the defense of a Doctoral Thesis and attainment of the Doctor's Degree by the University of Córdoba, are under constant supervision by the tutors and directors of each doctoral student, and are evaluated annually by the Academic Commissions of the Doctoral Program , as indicated on the IDEP-Doctorate general website, in the Annual Evaluation section In case of not exceeding the requirements of said evaluation, which will have two calls, the doctoral student will cause a definitive drop in the doctoral program.

In the general web of IDEP-Doctorate, in the section of Doctoral Thesis , you can find all the information about the presentation of the Thesis, general requirements, types of Theses, composition of the court, documentation for the presentation, reading and defense, etc.

Apart from what is stated in these sections, this Doctoral Program has approved additional requirements for some of the Types of Theses, which extend to all of them the basic requirement that, at least one of the scientific contributions derived from the Thesis be a publication in an international dissemination magazine with an impact index included in the Journal Citation Reports. The doctoral student or the doctoral student must appear in the first place of the authorship of the publication, or the second if the first corresponds to the person who directs the thesis. (See this document in the Regulation section , on the right side of this website)

Tutorial, address and co-direction of thesis: 

The doctoral student, for the development of his doctorate studies in the UCO, must have a Tutor and, at least, a Director (who can agree with the Tutor if this is from the UCO and so both agree). In case it is considered convenient, the CAPD can request the approval of two doctors for the joint management of the same Thesis and, exceptionally, up to three. In the general web of IDEP-Doctorate, in the section of Doctoral Thesis Direction , you can find all the information about this topic.

On this same page, you can check the list of lines / research teams that are currently integrated in this Doctoral Program; They detail their line managers / team and the researchers that compose them.


General info on the course.

The doctoral program presents an interdepartmental approach in the field of social and legal sciences. The formation of the Program is supported by numerous researchers assigned to different areas of knowledge and linked to the following research teams:


  • Current trends in Law and Economics  (Responsible: Miguel J. Agudo Zamora, email: )
  • Civil Law  (Responsible: Ignacio Gallego Domínguez, email: )
  • Ius Mercatoria: Current challenges of commercial law  (Responsible: Luis Miranda Serrano, email: )
  • New trends in Administrative Law in a crisis environment (Responsible: Manuel Rebollo Puig, email: )
  • Education  (Responsible: José Luis Álvarez del Castillo, email: )
  • Psychosocial research, clinical and applied psychology  (Responsible: Juan Antonio Moriana Elvira, email: )
  • Psychological research applied to education, health and justice (Responsible: Rosario Ortega Ruiz, email: )

  • Duration - 36 months
  • Study Method - Long Distance
  • Given Degree - PhD
  • Institue - University of Cordoba
  • TutionFee - Call for a human assistant
  • Unesco Recognition - Yes
  • Local Recognition - Yes
  • Course - Social and Legal Sciences

Application Procedures

Application procedures and requirements.

The rules of permanence in this Doctorate Program are those regulated in RD 99/2011 and more specifically, in the Regulations Governing Doctoral Studies, approved by its Governing Council. Both documents can be found in the Printed matter, regulations and certifications section , on the IDEP-Doctorate website. Its main effects are summarized in the section Permanence regime of the web.

Access and admission: 

In the IDEP-Doctorate general web, in the Access section you can find the Modalities of Access to the Doctorate studies , as well as the Processes, documentation and Deadlines for admission .

To contact the representatives of the lines / research teams and search for a possible Doctoral Thesis Tutor, an indispensable requirement to apply for admission to this Doctoral Program, the teachers are presented below, in the Lines / Research Teams section, which currently comprises the core of the Doctorate Program and the emails of line / team managers. The e-mails of the other professors can be found with the search engine of "SEARCH FOR PEOPLE" of the initial page of the UCO website.

There are a number of Master's degrees that give direct access to this Doctoral Program , are the following:

  • Master's Degree in Foreign Trade and Internationalization of Companies
  • Master in Culture of Peace. Conflicts, Education and Human Rights
  • Master's Degree in Environmental Education
  • Master in Specialization in Education: Games, Toys, Second Languages
  • Master in Inclusive Education
  • Master in Business Legal Advice
  • Master in Psychology Applied to Education and Social Welfare
  • Master in General Health Psychology (at least the following additional requirements must be fulfilled:  TFM of a research nature and having passed the subjects : " Scientific and professional foundations of Health Psychology" and "Research designs in psychology and health". )

Students who have studied different master's degrees than those who access this Doctoral Program will have to present the complete documentation of their training, when applying for Admission, so that the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program, CAPD, can decide the requirement or not to carry out Training Supplements prior to admission to the Doctorate or the need to carry out Training Complements during the first year of Doctorate.


The university valid recognitions.

The University is ranked in the top 600 universities in the world, and is recognized by UNESCO and the local authority of he spanish higher education committee,


Details of the accademic intitute

The University of Córdoba offers Bachelor and Postgraduate degrees. The teaching related to the Degrees and Graduate Degrees is developed in the different centers that integrate the university.

  • Institue Name - University of Cordoba
  • Country - SPAIN
  • Address - Avd. Medina Azahara, 5' Cordoba Spain

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