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The doctoral programme in Nursing and Health marks a commitment by the University of Barcelona and the URV to the future of education and research in the field of nursing and health care. The programme offers a joint doctoral degree from the University of Barcelona (the coordinator) and the URV.

The aim of the programme is to train students as new researchers in the field of nursing and health care in order to enhance the quality of research. Health care is considered from a broad and holistic perspective that includes persons, health, the environment, society and medical treatment.

The doctoral programme integrates contributions from various disciplines: nursing, history, medicine, economics, sociology and psychology. These disciplines are intended as a source of dynamism and progress that provide the students with the right tools and knowledge for carrying out research in health care in order to meet the economic, social and medical challenges of a changing society.

The general objectives are the following:

  • To promote high-quality research in nursing and health care. 
  • To foster the incorporation of researchers in universities, health centres and medical research centres.
  • To teach the skills of analysis, problem detection and decision making regarding health care research, leadership and management.
  • To promote advanced training in socio-health care management from an interdisciplinary perspective.


General info on the course.

The doctoral programme in Nursing and Health marks a commitment by the University of Barcelona and the URV to the future of education and research in the field of nursing and health care. 

  • Duration - 36 months
  • Study Method - Long Distance
  • Given Degree - PhD
  • Institue - Rovira i Virgili University
  • TutionFee - Ask for human assistant
  • Unesco Recognition - Yes
  • Local Recognition - Yes
  • Course - Nursing and Health

Application Procedures

Application procedures and requirements.

Specific admission criteria of the doctoral programme

Specific requirements 

A diploma or bachelor's degree in Nursing, Podiatry, Health Sciences or a related science and the specific official master's degree for each programme offered by the University of Barcelona and the URV.

The Academic Committee will also consider official university master's degrees other than those specifically established for the training period by each university. In this case, the Academic Committee will determine whether the content of the studies is related to the doctoral programme and will assess the student's interest in carrying out research in one of the programme's lines.

To qualify for entrance to doctoral studies, students must obtain at least 300 ECTS credits according to the regulations under Royal Decree 99/11. Students with university studies equivalent to 180 ECTS credits (diplomas) must obtain at least 120 credits of an official master's degree to qualify for entrance to the doctoral programme. Students with university studies equivalent to 240 ECTS credits (bachelor's degrees or pre-EHEA degrees) must obtain at least 60 credits of an official master's degree.

The Academic Committee will also consider for admission to the programme applicants who meet the requirements set out in paragraph 2.c, Article 20 of Royal Decree 99/2011.

Merits and assessment criteria

In addition to the general entrance requirements for doctoral studies, applicants for admission to the doctoral programme must submit the following documents:

  • The academic record (40%).
  • A curriculum vitae (40%).
  • A pre-project supported by a researcher of the programme (10%).
  • Proof of knowledge of English (10%).


The university valid recognitions.

When enrolment in the doctoral programme has been formalised, a Doctoral Activity Document (DAD) is generated for each doctoral student to enter all activities relevant to their doctoral training. Before the end of the first year, the doctoral student must also draw up a Research Plan (PlaInv) that includes at least the methodology, objectives, means and schedule for preparing their doctoral thesis.

The doctoral students will be assessed annually by the training activities that they take and the research plan that they carry out for their thesis. A favourable annual assessment is a condition for continuing in the doctoral programme.

When students have completed work on their doctoral theses, they must defend them before an examination committee, whose assessment will result in the awarding of the doctoral degree.


Details of the accademic intitute

The URV is a modern public institution of higher education with a great teaching and research experience recognized everywhere and at the service of the counties of the south of Catalonia, but also has a wider territorial vision and international projection.

  • Institue Name - Rovira i Virgili University
  • Country - SPAIN
  • Address - Avinguda Països Catalans, 17-19 43007 Tarragona

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