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Each university has different requirements.
There are universities that require students to attend the campus twice a year. There are universities that require students to arrive only after submitting their doctoral dissertation in order to defend the doctorate on the campus and there are universities that do not require attending the university campus in general.
No. The PhD degree is given by the University and therefore the research is submitted, called, examined and approved by the University, thus it must be submitted in English.
However, most of the students who study at the universities we represent write the work first in Hebrew and only then send it for translation before submission.
Yes. Most of the universities around the world not require you to write thesis within the framework of a master's degree.
It is important to note that from our experience, students who have written a thesis in their master's degree have found it easier to write a doctoral dissertation.
Yes, and there are many people who became lecturers at universities and colleges in Israel.
Yes! We take real pride with the fact that all of the universities we work with are ranked in the top decile of RWU, they are recognised by UNESCO and meet with the requirements of the Department for Evaluation of Foreign Academic Degrees, which is the official authority in the State of Israel.

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