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Two centuries of history endorse the trajectory of the University of Córdoba, which, founded as such in 1972, has its roots in the Free University that operated in the province at the end of the 19th century and has centennial studies such as those of Veterinaria, unique in Andalusia. Its youth and its average size - the UCO has 21,000 students; a little more than 1,200 professors and 700 workers have given it the necessary dynamism to adapt and enter the 21st century as a university of high quality teaching and proven scientific solvency.

The UCO's studies range from the Humanities and the Legal-Social Sciences to the Health Sciences and the scientific-technical careers, three areas that correspond to its structuring in three large campuses: the social legal, integrated in the urban center ; the one of the Health, to the west of the capital, and the agroalimentario, scientific and technical of Rabanales, in the east area. In addition, the UCO counts on the Polytechnic School of Belmez , located to sixty kilometers of the Cordovan capital.

The Rabanales campus is the best proof of the modernization process that characterizes the University. Its facilities accommodate the most advanced infrastructure for research and teaching, while integrating a whole series of complementary services that make it one of the most prominent teaching complexes in Andalusia. Rabanales concentrates a good part of the scientific production of the University, located at the forefront of research in the autonomous community of Andalusia and among the most relevant research institutions at the national level. Both research and teaching are understood at the University of Córdoba as the two main pillars of the institution, always with the same goal: quality. To that objective joins the leading role that the UCO is playing in the development of theEuropean Higher Education Area . Teaching, Research, Quality and Europe are, therefore, the maxims that govern the life of the University.


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List of all available degrees to this institute

Social and Legal Sciences PhD

The doctoral program presents an interdepartmental approach in the field of social and legal sciences. The formation of the Program is supported by numerous researchers assigned to different areas of knowledge and linked to the following research teams:


  • Current trends in Law and Economics  (Responsible: Miguel J. Agudo Zamora, email: )
  • Civil Law  (Responsible: Ignacio Gallego Domínguez, email: )
  • Ius Mercatoria: Current challenges of commercial law  (Responsible: Luis Miranda Serrano, email: )
  • New trends in Administrative Law in a crisis environment (Responsible: Manuel Rebollo Puig, email: )
  • Education  (Responsible: José Luis Álvarez del Castillo, email: )
  • Psychosocial research, clinical and applied psychology  (Responsible: Juan Antonio Moriana Elvira, email: )
  • Psychological research applied to education, health and justice (Responsible: Rosario Ortega Ruiz, email: )
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  • Institue Name - University of Cordoba
  • Country - SPAIN
  • Address - Avd. Medina Azahara, 5' Cordoba Spain

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